Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Trawl List

Since this is a webcomic blog too. I felt it necessary to post what I am currently reading. I copied it from my user page and updated it.

So here the trawl list in no particular orders with a one line description with a external link and a entry.

This comic about is about two girls whose life screwed up by a "misfile" by a clumsy angel.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:


Inverloch follow the adventure of Archeron and his companions in their search for a missing elf.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:

Sokora Refugees
The manga follow the adventure of a unlikely hero along with her companions to save the elf world of Sokora.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry: Refugees

Red String
A romance comic about Miharu, her crazy arranged marriage, finding out she love the guy she going to be married to.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry: String

Your classic (in)famous okatu story about a crazy gamer, and your typical low confidence artist plus fanboy.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:

Comic that make me cry for updates:
This include comics that rarely updates, but when they do...They make me happy

A sadistic story by the creator of the manga website.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:

Emerald Winter
Focused on a half-elf who going to save a princess from unwanted marriage (from the sound of it)
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry: Winter

Divine Fang
A boy cursed by the dragon's fang is Kiowa is a banished member of the Dragon Tribe searching for 15 items scattered across the land so he can return to his tribe. Along that, a outcast elf decided to join him because she was freed by Kiowa.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:
There are none at the moment.

Completed Webcomics:
This include the list of completed webcomics I read.

Paper Eleven
Maya survives a train accident and than found herself in a mysterious world where everything is made of papers. It a mysterious comic hard to understand.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Link: Eleven

Webcomics I used to like:
This include a list of webcomics I used to like. It is mostly due to lost of interest and some other reasons I won't discuss.

Building 12
A webcomic about social outcast and weird characters living in building 12 dorm at a college.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry: 12

Crazy comic about a guy and a crazy girl. It seem it a romance/action comic or something, but I don't know what the comic really about.
Site Link:
Comixpedia Entry:
There are none at the moment.

Wow, that is like the longest post so far. This article take me forever to write. I just hope those external links aren't broken/wrong or something. Enjoy everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2005

I Dare Say...

I really wanted for to make a big splash next year. I really wanted the wiki to be so much bigger than this year. The project is improving in term of coverage and quality. Next year, I want the entire community to be stronger and better than it ever was. So we can do amazing things, extradoinary things, and accomplish more than our wildest imagination.

The goals for the community for next year is......

*Reach the 10,000 articles milestone

*Improve the quality of our work to the highest standard possible (Need to define what is the standard and stuff)

*Build a stronger, more active, and more numberous community.

*two hundred good edits per day

That the goal I outlined. It just need to become the community's goal.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Google Hunting for sites Mentioning

There are no reliable way to guage awareness of any sites without some reliable traffic statistics. So I resort to Google, one of my favorite software company of all time. During my search, I found some pretty interesting comments.

*Scott McCloud comments on how Comixpedia lived up to their name. You can find his blog right here. You have to scroll down to 10/27 where he mentioned it at the end of the post.

*Another sites which belong to The Ryans webcomic collective seem obsessed with the name Ryans for reason I don't know. Apperantly, they used's search engine to find the name of cartoonists with the name of Ryan in it. Here the link to the site. You have to go all the way down to date December 3.

If I find any more interesting comments from the world of webcomics. I will be galdly reporting to you. Of course, there are lot of comments I havn't mentioned I found during my journey. I promise to tell you about it too, but it may never happen.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Statistics Crazy/Introduction

First, we get to the boring introduction, than the goodies meanful contents!

This blog is intended to give you an inside view of, or whatever incorrect name you going to give this wiki. Official name of the wiki is actually Comixpedia but no one care....Also, one quickies...It also talk about webcomics. come the goodies stuff!

Statistics...I like statistics and number, especially big, exponetional one. It may serve many useful purposes, but for me, it just interesting. I dug up some pretty interesting statistics around

Here one of them.
Now, I don't know how do we even get to more than 2,000 pages. 1,065 articles is really nice for such desperately unadversited site. But 347,010 page views? Holy cow.... Are we really that popular? 11,385 page edits was a pretty impressive number. It not surprising, considering we have a quite active community, but some 3000 edits goes to really active adiminstrators like Tedzees and me (Kiba). That a pretty impressive number if you asked me.

Our ranking on the other hand, is terriabley depressing. That because we not that much popluar. Our rank is 123,875. There are two HUGE spikes in the ranking chart right here.
I think that was caused by one of our editor visiting the site a lot to cause this.