Monday, January 30, 2006 and Webcomics What Sup

Today is just another day in inactive period time. It usually followed after massive editing brawl which often adds up to 50-100 or even 200 edits in a day.

Of course, I remember days where we often reach almost to excatly 50 days for weeks on end. It when is a much bigger prority. Right now, I must satisify my programming hobby.

The activity of blogging about and the webcomic afd are long gone. It may spark up again however....when yet another famous webcomic was being deleted. The interest of droped from talkative to mere silent support for the project.

Still, I hope to reach the ten thousand articles milestone by the end of the year and make it the year for the encyclopedia project. time for webcomics!

Ah...a new killer comic with wicked art to check out. I certainly hope it hold and attract my interest when I read it. I don't know what it called but it is created by a guy with the nickname "Keiii".

I also catch up to my reading log which I neglect badly. As usual, the story progressing. Megatokyo however...have a new plot development. The comic still kept me guessing.


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