Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Law of the Wiki Part 1

A favorite observation of mine is is exhaustive information/writing quality exchange.

Basically if not unattended to......

The level of information contuine to increase but the writing quality suffered.

The more edits the better and worse one those two side.

For example, an article edited in a hundred time per hour today for just one time will be in worse writing quality but the information is exhaustive. Every damn details explained, it just lost in the terrible writing.

To intervene, people might have to rewrite the whole thing from stractch. just the other effect. Instead of getting better, they get much worse. Both the information quality and the writing quality just suffered hugely. This is because people are going around adding irrevelant facts like triva that do not fit anywhere but incoporated into the article in the wrong place.

That is the law of the wiki....Which can only be cleaned by doing a massive rewrite every once in a while.


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