Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wikimport meant Clean up

Well, I think it been two day ago since Nifboy done copying all the missing wikipedia comic over to About 80 of them I think, and serveral more updated with more infomation. So now we have to clean up the mess. Then we be back to regular if I got my lazy ass to do it over the weekend or someone take the job and do them before I get to it.

So we see growth spurt over two days ago. So we have 8784 left until we reach the ten thousand article milestone as of this writing. That mean 1216 articles.

We might not see another growth spurt on one of my weekend editing. Instead, I will be slaving away cleaning up Nifboy's wikimport articles.

At least is still growing rapidly. Perhap it will grow to two thousand articles by the end of next month.

It is amazing to see how fast grow in just a short time. We already have more than a thousand article in just five month. (That is September to January.)


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