Monday, January 30, 2006 and Webcomics What Sup

Today is just another day in inactive period time. It usually followed after massive editing brawl which often adds up to 50-100 or even 200 edits in a day.

Of course, I remember days where we often reach almost to excatly 50 days for weeks on end. It when is a much bigger prority. Right now, I must satisify my programming hobby.

The activity of blogging about and the webcomic afd are long gone. It may spark up again however....when yet another famous webcomic was being deleted. The interest of droped from talkative to mere silent support for the project.

Still, I hope to reach the ten thousand articles milestone by the end of the year and make it the year for the encyclopedia project. time for webcomics!

Ah...a new killer comic with wicked art to check out. I certainly hope it hold and attract my interest when I read it. I don't know what it called but it is created by a guy with the nickname "Keiii".

I also catch up to my reading log which I neglect badly. As usual, the story progressing. Megatokyo however...have a new plot development. The comic still kept me guessing.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wiki Status Report

I havn't post in a while because of my bittorrent session which last the whole week.

However...there are interesting newbits in the community.

So here....

We now have 8758 articles to go before we reach the ten thousand milestone. That 26 articles less from the last time it was reported

Some massive edits including a creation of the image provisonal policy page has been done by nifboy. Meanwhile...the policy discussion for images has been stalled into a discussion messes of four thread long with me trying to get the image policy to the next step.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Law of the Wiki Part 1

A favorite observation of mine is is exhaustive information/writing quality exchange.

Basically if not unattended to......

The level of information contuine to increase but the writing quality suffered.

The more edits the better and worse one those two side.

For example, an article edited in a hundred time per hour today for just one time will be in worse writing quality but the information is exhaustive. Every damn details explained, it just lost in the terrible writing.

To intervene, people might have to rewrite the whole thing from stractch. just the other effect. Instead of getting better, they get much worse. Both the information quality and the writing quality just suffered hugely. This is because people are going around adding irrevelant facts like triva that do not fit anywhere but incoporated into the article in the wrong place.

That is the law of the wiki....Which can only be cleaned by doing a massive rewrite every once in a while.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Wikimport meant Clean up

Well, I think it been two day ago since Nifboy done copying all the missing wikipedia comic over to About 80 of them I think, and serveral more updated with more infomation. So now we have to clean up the mess. Then we be back to regular if I got my lazy ass to do it over the weekend or someone take the job and do them before I get to it.

So we see growth spurt over two days ago. So we have 8784 left until we reach the ten thousand article milestone as of this writing. That mean 1216 articles.

We might not see another growth spurt on one of my weekend editing. Instead, I will be slaving away cleaning up Nifboy's wikimport articles.

At least is still growing rapidly. Perhap it will grow to two thousand articles by the end of next month.

It is amazing to see how fast grow in just a short time. We already have more than a thousand article in just five month. (That is September to January.)

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Damned Sick

Today is a bay day..

I feel damned sick and I havn't accomplish much in programming other than fixing some warning and errors. I must adimit that using the command line is a hell lot faster than using an IDE. The command line is not ancient tool. Although winblow's command prompt sucks ass.

In webcomics news, I managed to catch up on my reading. Today I was disappointed by filler cosplay on Sokora Refugees. However, I alway love the quanity and the quality that Inverloch able to crank out. I gottach get a new graphic novel to read. I perfer cyberpunk around here but there aren't much without super killer cyborb babes and misuse of the term "Hackers". Damn outlaws alway get the "Hackers" labled to them.

I am not really a big fan of gag a day comic either.

I perfer long story with cyborbs, computers, hackers and crackers, the internet, and some researches that go into the comics itself. Military fiction is a big plus for me anyway.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

100 wikiedits again!

Today, I just completed my goal of 100 edits. So far, we have 8859 articles to go to reach 10,000 articles milestone. I also deleted two page today. One is a page we don't need and the other is a copyright violation.

In other news, Xerexes is expermenting with images. So follow Xerexes' intruction on the main page and you be fine. However, it only allow authors to post image. So if you a fan, you're out of luck.

The discussion on images policy is still active. Again, we are still brainstorming on which idea is the best one. It spawn many ideas and variants.

The goal of 10,000 articles may seem too far fetch to some but for me, it can come true with all the hard work.

I am grateful for those who contribute to Without them, will be stragant and useless.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The discussion on policy and other issue is moving again! YEAH!

In other news, software updates on! YEAH!



Anyway, end of my super short pointless crazy rant.

Monday, January 09, 2006

100 edits yesterday

Yesterday, I acheived a hundred edits. My effort add several new articles that desperately need expansion. 8874 more articles until we reach the 10,000 milestone. Depressing right now, but I am hoping for that one big bang that will make explode in popluarity.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

You Had Me And You Lost Me

Red down for the count.

I begin to doubt if it good or not. Nor do I check it as often. I have gotten tired of the same damn "manga" styles. It is not as refreshing, orginal, or mindblowing story. It is basically happiness and teen agst.

My verdict: Red String is horrible and boring. It will go down as yet another pretty and uninteresting comic.

All the other comics I read have some little craziness in it. Red String on the hand is about your normal aveage girl with an aveage love life, romance angst, and boring plot that remsemble somewhat of an aveage boring romance manga. That how I sum it all up. Now, I didn't say I hate romance/relationship comics. I just want them to be different.

Here why the comics on my list get me.

Megatokyo absolutely pardoy anime, gamers, Japaneses, Americans sterotypes and have an entertaining cast to read about. Add to the bonus that they funny sometime. Their character is their strength.

Emerald Winter have a sad beginning and a little sad story with great art. I like sad story anyway.

Misfile, I will forgive them on their art. I may not think it funny, but it have one hell of a story.

Sokora Refugees may not woo me with their art or fanservices, but they do make it for with their craziness.

But Red String simply boring. Their only strong point is that they did their research. Sure, they look pretty, but I don't like their styles. They don't have common sense and at time, extremly predictable.

I say this again: this comic bored me to tear. Whatever the reason that I got attracted to the comic is lost to me. You may like it, but I just don't like it. Good bye.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Today is disapointing....

Look like the encyclopedia project setted into stability. It a wikisad day for the project. This is not the only time the wiki edits are lowly.... In fact it been that way for a long time.

They will only get near to a hundred edits per day if they are edited by heavy-duty contributor like me......

I don't have a lot of time for the project. At least the encyclopedia project is somewhat cared for and maintained. The wiki is a like an sparwling organism that never die. They are healthly when it well maintained and their economy is thriving. When the economy suffered, the wiki goes into dispair and out of dates ness.

The status been here from day one and still is here today: It is healthy.

So it not that say of a day, but I want to see grow and grow!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Wikiedit of the Day

Today, see a little growth spurt in term of articles. As of this writing, we have 1090 articles in the encyclopedia. That mean we have 8910 thousands articles left to reach the ten thousands article milestone.

I probably creates at least ten percent of total articles but I don't know how many articles I really made. One thing I know...I made lot of articles.

The highlight edits of the day is Cascadia.

That one article I edit the most today. It not because I like it, but the wealth of information on it. When it started, it was just a tiny puny stubs among hundreds. Now it is bigger, but not enough to be a real article. I create the articles with obession of perfecting it picture perfect as complete as possible. The only problem is....I still need to read the comics to finish the entry. At least, it filled with basic triva like when it updates, how many comics are there, who behind this comic. Heck! It even got references. That a big rarity among entry. The references make my entry invunerable to vandalism/non NPOV/vanity POV attempt attack until someone add information without a source. Still...the facts it have references make it more crediable than most entry. You can see the big changes here.

Now, I done a lot of work today, manage to edit more than 50 times. Still, it fell short of my 100 edits goal for the day. almost reach 100 edits today. The editing and researching was a lot of work. It was pain in the ass and mostly involve researches via google search engine and visiting the sites. More often than not, the site don't have much triva unless I read the entire comics. I add mostly comedy comics. My effort to add new articles did add load to a much bigger pain in the ass job. That is...puting entry name along with dates if applicable and their URL on the 26 List Of Webcomics.

Works on is alway numberous and never ending. As soon someone add a new entry, it a hell lot of work making that article the best they can be. Making an article that match some of the best Wikipedia articles is time consuming work. It take weeks of research, writing, and feedback to do that. To make matter worses, if the articles is edited a lot for a long period...It might have lot of information but bad disorganized writing and that not the best article they can be. Just hope that some POV warrior and evil pain in the ass editors don't occupy your articles because they are one big PAIN to deal with. They have the energy of a 24 hours hardworking workaholic. If you manage to outlast these evil trolls, than kudos to you. You earned the respect of an adiminstrator. Of course, you might burnout for a while, but I take that as an exception.

It is a hell lot of work, but I think is worth the effort in the long run.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Most Wanted....

Most Wanted: Spammer bots back all dead

Reasons for elimination/capture/knowledge/etc: Spamming various comixpedia article with evil adversitement and scam

Rewards: Increase in your karma, reputation and respect.

Danger/Annoyance level: diffcult and annoying

Objective: Propose a brilliant solution that will cut down spam to 90% without destorying the protentical for new recruits and benefits in the process. 100% equal success and more karma, reputation, and respects.

Diffcultity guess: Next to impossible and truely impossible.

Failure: A never ending war to destroy the swarms spammer bots.. If you really screwed up big, your reputation, karma, and respect might go down or nothing happen.