Monday, February 06, 2006

Discussion heating up

There has been discussion about writing guideline and stuff. Visit the forum and search for Wikipedia Wikistyle, and discuss.

That is pretty much new.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Haru-Sari and Wikistatus report

A comic got me hooked, seriously.

I like this and the exciting story it churning out. It ought to be good. Somehow I got the impression it is going to be a sad comic. That doesn't brother me, because I like sad story.

There are no comic that ever come close to making me cry is 9th Elsewhere...Man! I wish it update! IT WAS SO DAMN GOOD! Beside the point....

The comic Haru-Sari defintely got some wicked art. THAT PLUS PLUS!


I hit teh jackpot.

So here come the status report...

We now have 8751 articles left to go before we reach the ten thousand milestone. That is seven articles left when the last status report come out!

I hope to see some major editing in the near future.