Sunday, April 16, 2006

It that time again! Contribution crazy

Well.....It been a long time since I contribute heavily.

I have my cycle of inactivity and activity.

This time, I am going to expand my effort to create new article.

Except I can't contribute when both the wiki and the magazine is down. I may have to email Xerexes. He tend to be unreliable when it come to emails. But I guess I will have to sooner or later.

What been going on since my last post? Well...we are expanding at somewhat like 1-6 articles
per day and I am working on my software project called dynpet. My project's page can be accessed at

I havn't use their web hosting service yet. They may have some limitation like I can't host any ads. It not like I have to host their ads or my bandwith is limited. So it is a pretty good service for open source software project.

At the spur of the moment, I have an idea on creating bots and tools for such as vandal fighters, bot who add tons of statistical information.